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Chiroflow Water Pillows*

Central Avenue Health Centre in Saskatoon proudly supplies Chiroflow Water Pillows. These professional grade, high quality pillows are only available through licensed chiropractic professionals. The water pillow provides three therapies in one proven pillow; neck pain relief, improved sleep and superior comfort. The easy-to-fill water base provides gentle, responsive support all night long. The Water Pillows come in the jumbo size of 20” x 28” (51cm x 71cm) and have 3 years warranty. The cost of the water pillows are $66.60 (including tax).


Traumacare is formulated to relieve muscle and joint pain, inflammation and bruising associated with injuries such as sprains and contusions. Central Avenue Health Centre supplies Traumacare in a 30mL bottle used orally via the provided dropper and in a 50g pin relief cream. The cost of each product is $22.20 (including tax).

Hot/Cold Therapy Packs*

These reusable, non-toxic therapy packs are perfect for aiding in pain relief, reducing recovery time and for use as instructed by our chiropractors and registered massage therapists to compliment your treatments. The cost of the medium therapy pack is $10.50 (including tax).

All of our products are available for purchase at Central Avenue Health Centre which is located on 1400 Central Avenue, Saskatoon. You can also call us on (306) 651-2225 to confirm products are in stock. 

*These products are not endorsed by the Chiropractors’ Association of Saskatchewan.