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  • TMJD can be a Real Jaw Breaker
    Does your jaw ever feel fatigued, sore or just generally unwell? Do you suffer from headaches while under stressful situations or after a long day of concentrating? Do you notice Read more
  • What is Cupping Therapy?
    What is Cupping Therapy?   Cupping therapy is a technique in which plastic, glass or silicone cups are used to manipulate the soft tissues (muscles, fascia, tendons and ligaments) of the body. Read more
  • Resistance Training for Weight Loss
    If you have recently noticed that you are a few pounds overweight, now is the time to do something about it. Extra body fat increases the risk of cardiovascular disease, Read more
  • Canada’s Shift to Plant Based Foods
    Canada’s Shift to Plant Based Foods Health Canada has just released a more modern food guide, said to be simplified and less confusing than the previous guides.  The food guides have Read more
  • Why Stretching is Beneficial
    Why Stretching is Beneficial We all know that when you stretch a pliable object, it becomes longer. That’s why it is important to stretch your muscles.  To some extent, stretching does Read more
  • Creating (and keeping) New Year’s Resolutions
    Creating (and keeping) New Year’s Resolutions After the hype of the Christmas holidays, conversations usually turn to hopes and ambitions for the New Year. Many people set New Year’s Resolutions to Read more
  • Managing Stress during the Christmas Season
    Managing Stress during the Christmas Season The holidays can be an especially stressful time of year for many people. Negative feelings such as sadness, loneliness and anger often intensify during the Read more
  • Health Benefits of Spicy Peppers
    Whether it’s a chili, jalapeno or habanero pepper, there are some surprising health benefits to eating spicy peppers. Spicy peppers contain a chemical called capsaicin which has proven medicinal properties. Read more
  • Tennis Elbow
    Tennis Elbow   Are you feeling pain in the boney part of the outside of your elbow? Does the pain worsen when lifting, gripping, twisting or straightening your wrist? What you Read more
  • What's been happening at Central Avenue Health Centre
    Hey Everyone, We wanted to share with you a few things that have been happening in the office over the past few months!  At the end of summer we raffled off Read more
  • Hydration Post Massage Therapy
    Importance of drinking water after having a massage Read more
  • Sinusitis
    Are you affected by headaches, facial pain, a stuffed or runny nose? Post nasal drip? If so, you have the symptoms of sinusitis. Here is a remedy you may not have Read more
  • World Spine Day at Central Avenue Health Centre
    World Spine Day at Central Avenue Health Centre World Spine Day is this Tuesday, October 16, 2018!  This year’s theme is #LoveYourSpine which highlights the importance of spinal health and wellbeing. Read more
  • Good Stress vs. Bad Stress
    What does “good posture” mean to you? Many people think it has to do with sitting up straight or walking with your head high, however few realize how important it Read more
  • The Shoulder Complex: Mobility over Stability
    My anatomy professor in university always said that the shoulder complex is in fact one of the most complex joints in the body.  It is much larger than many people Read more
  • Importance of Stretching - Manual Labour Workers
    Importance of Stretching - Manual Labour Workers By Larni Fyffe I have a lot of respect for those of us who work in a labour intensive job and whose ergonomic  work station postures Read more